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Tom Felton Daily
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A community to share news and updates, pictures and videos pertaining to Tom Felton.

Brought to you by the creator of danrad_daily. tomfelton_daily is a community for sharing news and updates, pictures, videos and graphics. Please source any articles or photos finds; feel free to self-pimp any graphics or fanvideos.

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1. Post to tomfelton_daily should include a picture but it's not mandatory.. If you do not have a website to store your images on, there are numerous free image hosting services available. We recommend Photobucket for free image hosting site.

2. Please don't hotlink. Please upload all pictures to your own server or to Lj's Scrapbook so people who pay for their bandwidth don't go over.

3. Use lj-cuts for large images (over 80KB or 500 pixels) or multiple images. This is so people who don't have fast connections don't have to wait as long to view the community.

4. Please use proper grammar. We've all been through grammar school, so I'm sure we all know how to spell. TyPiNg lYkE DiS makes you look stupid, and it's hard to read. I don't care if you use words like "talkin'" "lookin'" stuff like that, but please don't use words like "u", "r", "lyke", etc. because it's not that hard to type the word properly.

5. No rude comments/entries and NO BASHING! Any person caught bashing, their comment(s) will be deleted without notice, and you will be banned.


1. All graphics must be made by YOU.

2. Please title your posts. You may simply put "Graphics Post" or title it however you like.

3. Please put all graphics under an LJ-cut. (instructions on how do an LJ-cut).

4. You can have a small preview, under 200x200, outside the cut.

5. You may post wallpapers, banners, manipulations, colorbars/lovebars and any other type of graphics.

6. Please direct all ICON-ONLY posts to felton_icons. If your posts included more than just icons, you may post them here.

7. Try to keep the graphics Tom-centric. A mixture/combination of Tom and Draco is fine, but not Draco-centric.

Your mod(s),
seashellz (CREATOR), poufywerewolf, sideviewhotel, lilyginny27 & mystik_rose


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If you want to be added here, let us know. :) If I added you here without asking first, I'm sorry, I'm kind of stupid, haha. Okay, not really, I'm just forgetful. Sometimes I forget if I asked first, LOL. If you want to to remove you, let me know.

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