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200 Harry Potter Icons

Here's 200 Icons on the Harry Potter Fandom. Don't be afraid to ask for the Textless Version if I did not include it :)

16 Draco&Mione, 13 Draco, 20 Hermione
8 Tom Felton, 5 Tom&Emma 7 Emma Watson
3 The Malfoy, 5 Lucius, 7 Narcissa
16 Harry, 6 Harry&Mione, 1 Harry&Ginny
1 Harry&Ron, 1 Ron&Mione, 11 Trio
4 Ron, 8 Weasley Twins, 2 Luna&Neville
8 Luna, 2 Evanna Lynch, 4 Matthew Lewis
8 Dumbledore, 7 Voldemort, 9 Severus
4 Tonks&Lupin, 2 Lupin, 4 Natalia Tena
6 David Thewlis, 2 Gary Oldman
4 Alan Rickman, 6 Helena Bonham Carter

19. 49. 54.

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New Blog

Not sure if this is allowed, but I just wanted to let the community know that I've started a new blog where I have, and will continue to regularly feature Tom.  My background is in entertainment reporting and I'm finally striking out on my own so I'm trying to build a fan base for the blog.  Please check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think. 

Thanks in advance!


Let's get Tom the Best Villain Award at the MTV Movie Awards Again!!!

I'm borrowing a laptop to post this since my computer has a virus, but I wanted to do it because doggone it...It's really important! EVERYONE needs to be voting for Tom Felton for 'Best Villain' at the MTV Movie Awards. Often! Once again, Tom has promised a reward to fans for voting him 'Best Villain' at the MTV Video awards this year. He seemed excited about the idea of an exclusive fan chat and I even heard a rumor about some sort of a "bath" picture complete with rubber duck! Rumored bath picture aside, I'm sure we'd all love to see him get the award anyway, but the promise of a fan chat makes the incentive to keep voting even better! He would be extremely grateful and we know he deserves it for his many years of playing the git Draco Malfoy we've all grown to love hate. Just make sure you sign in to the MTV site first (if you haven't registered already it's really easy) and keep voting!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!


*edited because I'm an idiot. The link works fine so go vote!
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