La Mystique (mystik_rose) wrote in tomfelton_daily,
La Mystique

Tom in a new movie???

I saw this at the Tom Felton IMDb board. It looks legit. What do you guys think?

According to the poster, he did a horror/thriller film called, "The Disappeared". He plays Simon. The main character's best friend.

Here's the official movie website: The Disappeared

Trailer - it's lengthy.... he's seen throughout and it looks like he has a good size role. **WARNING: there is some strong language**

His "Cast/Crew" page: Tom Felton. It's current because it mentions him presently filming HBP.

According to the official website and IMDb, the film is in Post-Production. He's listed with the main cast on the movie's website but not on IMDb so I'm a little confused. From the trailer it looks like an Indie (Independent) film or a limited-release, but no release date.

I enjoy this movie genre and this looks really interesting. But if this is only a UK release, I'm going to cry. I must get my hands on the DVD!
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